Ulu Chicken  # Our company Ulu Trading has entered the food industry in 2002 with chocolate and bakery products production after tourism,construction,logistics,security,health,technology sectors. Especially with the persistent demands of our customers which located in Gulf countries,Middle East and Europe,Ulu Chicken has started its operations with an engagement of reliable Turkish production brands at 2014. Our company exports the products of our own brand or other companies that we partner with to China,Hong Kong,Gulf,Middle East Asia and European countries by partnering with reliable brands and companies operating in Turkey,Australia,Brazil,Chile and other countries. Ulu Chicken has proved to all its customers and all the companies operating in this sector that it is a reliable company in a short period of time. By increasing our production and export capacity every year,we have become a recognized and known brand that continues to expand and grow rapidly. Our aim is to reach an annual export capacity of 100,000 MT with our new integrated and packaging facilities which will start production at the end of 2020. We believe that we will achieve this goal with the trust and support of our customers.

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