Company Policy on Direct Selling and Import-Export

1: The sales of our products belonging to our companies are made as FOB, CFR, EXW according to the product type.

2: Those who want detailed information about our products or want to visit our offices should make these requests with their corporate e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Otherwise it will not be taken into consideration.

3: Our product sales are made in cash.(TT)-advance payment percentage can vary according to order quantity and delivery port.

4: Firms that want to purchase our products and request contracts are obliged to send the legal documents showing their purchasing power to our company's bank through their own banks.

5: If this process will take a long time, they must send a 2% contract guarantee fee.

6: All legal conditions specified in the contract come into effect after the payment for the products specified in the contract is realized.

7: Those who want to get information about our products should send detailed information about their company. The information should be sent with the corporate e-mail addresses of the companies. 

8: Requests for meeting with our company officials by Whassp or by phone are made with the approval of the authorized unit after examining the information sent.

9: Our products are sold only from the head office of our company. Please do not contact with the people or companies that say they represent our company.

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